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What can I expect from my first telehealth PT appointment?

Benefits of Telehealth

It’s natural to wonder what you can expect from your first telehealth PT appointment. Some people may expect to come out of their first session with no pain. Others may expect to not benefit much at all from one session. 

Both of these expectations are entirely understandable, but both are slightly off the mark. Telehealth physical therapy (PT) is also called virtual physical therapy. The reason for this name is that it takes place in a virtual setting via secure online video. It can be helpful to have a general idea what you can expect from your initial virtual PT session, and virtual PT specialists are keen to help you learn some general things you can expect from your sessions. 

Four things to expect during your first telehealth PT session

There are many things you can expect from an initial telehealth PT appointment; a few of the specific things you can expect include: 

  1. Being diagnosed — Your virtual physical therapist won’t be able to treat you until they understand the source of your symptoms. This is why you can expect them to work on diagnosing the condition you have. The diagnostic phase of your session can include: 
  • Your therapist asking questions about your symptoms. 
  • Questions about your daily habits or activities. 
  • Questions about when you experience your symptoms. 
  • An evaluation of your movements. 
  1. Being educated — Physical therapists understand that knowledge is power. That’s why part of your virtual PT appointment can be geared toward helping you learn more about your condition. Your physical therapist may discuss the common symptoms and causes of your issue. They can also reveal underlying problems that can trigger your condition. 
  1. ExercisingTherapeutic exercises are one of the most commonly used physical therapy techniques. One reason for this is they can help improve your strength, flexibility and mobility. You can expect your therapist to have you do some exercises during your virtual PT session. Additionally, you can expect them to create an exercise program that you can use between sessions. 
  1. Having less pain — Expecting complete pain relief from one virtual PT session may not be realistic. However, it’s also not realistic to expect no pain relief at all. The reality is likely to be somewhere between these two extremes. One provider reports that 93% of their patients experienced a decrease in their pain after a virtual PT session.

Agile Virtual PT offers top-notch telehealth PT services

Ready to try telehealth PT for your injury or medical condition? Agile Virtual PT has a team of more than 400 clinicians who are ready to help you get the treatment you need. We’re licensed to operate in 36 states across the U.S., and we can meet all the expectations discussed above. Our team can also offer additional benefits such as

  • 47% lower cost per episode of care.
  • 60% faster scheduling compared to in-person visits. 
  • A 32% decrease in the total number of PT visits a patient needs. 
  • A free screening to get your therapy process started. 

Contact our team today for more information about how our team can assist you or to schedule an initial virtual PT appointment.