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What can I do about a burning pain in the shoulder blade area?

man stretching his shoulder with an elastic band

Pain under or near your shoulder blade can affect your arm movements and limit your daily activities. Occasional soreness in this area is a normal part of life, such as if you spent all day doing manual labor. However, a sudden, intense pain or long-lasting pain in the shoulder blade area may mean it’s time to consider treatment options.

What to do when you have burning pain in the shoulder blade

  • Improve your posture — Poor posture is a leading cause of pain in your shoulders and back. Hunching over in your chair, slouching while walking, and staring down at your smartphone all day can strain your back, neck and shoulders. When just one of these areas is affected, pain can spread into the others through your nerves.

    Practice sitting and standing with good posture and support for your back, neck, and shoulders to help reduce and prevent chronic pain.
  • Improve your lifting technique — Improperly lifting heavy objects can strain the shoulder, causing a burning pain in the shoulder blade area. Whenever lifting heavy objects, be sure to follow proper guidelines. Avoid lifting heavy weights above your head or hoisting them unnecessarily onto your shoulders.
  • Visit a physical therapist — If your shoulder pain won’t go away or is getting worse, it’s time to visit a professional for treatment. Physical therapists are licensed health care professionals who specialize in treating conditions that affect your bones, joints and soft tissue, such as the shoulder blade.

Treat burning pain in your shoulder blade at home with virtual physical therapy

It’s not always possible to visit a physical therapist in person for treatment. You may simply live too far from a clinic or be unable to visit for other reasons, such as transportation issues or concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.

The inability to travel shouldn’t prevent you from getting the treatment you need. That’s where Agile Virtual PT comes in. Agile Virtual PT is a virtual physical therapy platform that enables you to connect with your physical therapist over a secure, live, one-on-one video call.

During your virtual physical therapy sessions, your physical therapist can visually assess your condition and monitor your performance, and you can communicate how you are feeling and if you feel like a certain treatment is pushing you too hard.

Virtual physical therapy is a great tool for helping people with burning pain in their shoulder blade get the treatment they need to reduce pain and improve range of motion.

Schedule your online physical therapy appointment with Agile Virtual PT today!

Are you tired of suffering from aches and pains when you’re unable to visit a physical therapist in person for treatment? It may be time to consider scheduling a physical therapy telehealth appointment through Agile Virtual PT.

Agile Virtual PT provides you with access to experienced, licensed physical therapists who can guide you through a personalized treatment plan for your needs. If you’re ready to give online physical therapy a shot, please contact us today for a free screening or to schedule an initial appointment.