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Treating Aches and Pains at Home with Virtual Physical Therapy

Virtual Physical Therapy Providers

Are you consistently sore or achey? Do you have recurring pain that flares up in your neck, back, or knees? 1 in 5 Americans suffer from some level of chronic pain. Those numbers can certainly be distressing, but the good news is that virtual physical therapy can help. 

Virtual physical therapy is easy to use, convenient, and most importantly, effective at treating a variety of common physical ailments. 

What is Virtual Physical Therapy?

Virtual physical therapy is connecting with a physical therapist through the use of a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, usually from a patient’s home, to perform physical therapy. Rather than being in a clinic, the physical therapist direct’s the patient via a virtual session. 

Agile Virtual PT’s therapists are all licensed and create personalized care plans to achieve a patient’s health goals. If you’re looking to treat aches and pains but are nervous to be in a clinic, virtual physical therapy is a great option!

What Virtual Physical Therapy Treats

Virtual physical therapy can effectively treat a variety of aches and pains. Most commonly our therapists treat neck, back, hip, knee, ankle and wrist pain. But in a more general sense, virtual PTs can help if you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, if you’re a weekend warrior looking to up your game, or even esports enthusiasts. 

Regardless of what’s hampering you, there’s a great chance an Agile Virtual PT therapist can help. 93% of patients see a decrease in pain after virtual PT care. 

How To Get Started

You might be overwhelmed about starting virtual physical therapy. Do I need insurance? Is it worth it? How much time do I need? These are all valid questions, and thankfully, the answers are simpler than you might expect. 

1. Request an appointment online or by phone

Request an appointment by providing your contact info and insurance details, if applicable. If you don’t have insurance, we do offer a direct payment option. Our scheduling team will promptly respond to confirm your details and set up your first visit.

2. Access the virtual care application
Once your initial appointment is scheduled, we will send you an email. Using a laptop or smartphone, click on the link in the email to join your virtual care visit from your computer or mobile device. Enter the virtual waiting room within 5 minutes prior to your visit.

3. Meet your therapist
Your physical therapist will ask questions related to your medical history and symptoms. They’ll evaluate your mobility to determine the optimum course of care and develop a tailored treatment plan.

4. Take charge of your recovery
Your individualized treatment plan will include exercises, education and strategies to help you recover. You’ll continue to meet with your provider virtually at the recommended frequency and quickly get back to the things you love doing.