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Tips for Perfecting the Hip Flexor Stretch to Relieve Nagging Hip Pain

Hip Flexor Stretch

If you’re someone who enjoys walking, running, or jumping, you can thank your hips for that gift of mobility. Without these important parts of our body, many of the physical movements we take for granted simply wouldn’t be possible. But the muscles that make up the hip provide more than just movement—they offer both strength and stability to the entire hip joint and even impact our thighs and glutes (backside). But if you’ve experienced hip pain, you know how it can affect your ability to perform daily activities.

When you’re talking about a body part that is vital to daily living, it’s easy to see how soreness in the area could take a toll. Even though hip soreness is a problem that commonly occurs from lack of activity, especially in people who are sitting for prolonged periods, that doesn’t mean it hurts any less.

However, there is one straightforward stretch you can do at home to relieve some of the pain in your hips without the use of weights or any additional equipment. It’s called the Hip Flexor Stretch, and Alex Bolin, PT has some tips to help you get the most out of this essential stretch.

First, you’ll want to get down on one knee with your other leg bent at 90 degrees and your hands on your waist. Since you’ll be in this position for a bit of time, you might want to put down a yoga mat or a towel to support your knee and make yourself more comfortable.

As Alex Bolin, PT says, this stretch is one that is easy to perform incorrectly. In an effort to feel a deep burn, many people will lean forward as far as they can—a wasted movement that won’t supply much benefit because it doesn’t actually stretch the hip flexor.

If you want to get the most efficient, true hip flexor stretch, the key lies in a subtle angling of the pelvis. Before beginning the stretch, try to tilt your pelvis backward. Once the pelvis is rotated, you can then lean forward very slowly. One way to know if you’re doing this stretch properly is to gauge if you’re feeling a deep stretch in the front of the hip.

Ready to take it to another level? You can intensify the stretch by either tightening your glute or raising your arm up and leaning away.

Whether you complete the basic hip flexor stretch or the more advanced variation, you should hold the stretch for 30 seconds to a minute on each side and perform two to three reps each day.

Be sure to check the blog often for more tips from Alex Bolin, PT and the other knowledgeable providers at Agile Virtual PT.

If this hip flexor stretch doesn’t reduce your pain from sitting all day, you may need physical therapy. Reach out to us today to talk about what you’re experiencing, and let’s discuss how treatment with Agile Virtual PT could be the best solution for you to find relief.

Schedule your appointment with an Agile Virtual PT provider today.