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The roles of virtual physical therapy in women’s health and wellness

Women’s Health and Wellness

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Many of us have heard those phrases used to illustrate the differences between men and women. Women’s health and wellness physical therapy is geared toward helping women deal with issues that are specific to them. 

Musculoskeletal pain can affect the muscles, joints and other soft tissue, and it’s one of the most common forms of pain people experience. However, many people aren’t aware that women are more likely to develop musculoskeletal pain than men. In fact, one study found that 39% of men and 45% of women had chronic musculoskeletal pain. Fortunately, women’s health and wellness issues like this can now be addressed with virtual physical therapy

Three roles virtual physical therapy can play in women’s health and wellness

Virtual physical therapy involves working with a physical therapist over an online video link. This type of therapy is also called telePT and telerehab, and it can play many roles in women’s health and wellness. Three of the important roles telePT can play for women include: 

  1. Diagnosing musculoskeletal issues — There are certain issues that are more likely to affect women than men. A virtual physical therapist can help diagnose such issues. Often, this will involve movement tests, and the process can also involve asking questions about: 
  • The location and severity of your symptoms. 
  • Your medical history. 
  • Your daily routine. 
  • The environment in which you live and work. 
  1. Treating your condition — Your virtual physical therapist can also help treat your musculoskeletal condition effectively. They can educate you on the condition you have, which allows you to be more engaged in your therapy process. Your therapist can also help you find ways to move around that are less likely to trigger your symptoms. In addition, they can show you how to do therapeutic exercises that can reduce pain. 
  1. Saving you time — Think about all the time that you have to use for an in-person therapy session. You’ll have to take time off from work. You’ll have to fight traffic to get to and from the clinic. 

Virtual physical therapy sessions help you save a lot of that time. After all, you can do them right in your own home, which saves you the driving time. Also, virtual therapy sessions can be done for shorter periods of time and more frequently. This helps make them easier to fit into your busy schedule. 

Agile Virtual PT offers effective virtual PT for women’s health and wellness

Not sure where to turn for virtual physical therapy that can address women’s health and wellness issues? Our team at Agile Virtual PT is primed to help you get the therapeutic care you need. Our clinicians are all licensed, and there are more than 400 of them on our team. In addition, our platform allows you to work with the same therapy specialist throughout your entire therapy process. 

Contact our team today for more information about all the services we offer or to schedule your initial appointment.