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Shoe Inserts for Knee Pain: Do They Really Help Relieve Pain?

woman having knee pain

Knee pain is a common complaint among employees in many industries. Injury management programs can be a helpful way to address knee pain in injured workers. However, knee pain can have other causes that are more subtle than injury. Knee pain can even have its root causes in the feet. This is why orthotic shoe inserts are a popular treatment for knee pain. As a manager, you may be skeptical about whether these inserts can actually help relieve pain. To determine whether orthotic inserts are right for your employees, it can help to consider what they have to offer.

How shoe inserts for knee pain can help

  • Biomechanical alignment — Orthotic inserts can help keep the foot aligned throughout the day. This can have a positive impact on posture. It can also help with alignment of the whole leg, relieving excess strain in places like the knee and leading to knee pain relief.

  • Shock absorption — Shock absorption is a major strength of orthotic inserts. For employees who are on their feet all day, shock absorption can be especially helpful. This can help reduce future reports of knee pain. Preventing knee injuries at work is a great benefit for the whole workplace. By decreasing joint stress, shoe inserts for knee pain can help with injury prevention.

  • Pressure distribution — Pain in the lower body is often caused by poor posture and weight distribution. Orthotic shoe inserts for knee pain can help encourage even weight distribution. This can reduce any stress that is concentrated at a specific point. Excess stress on the knee joint can be remedied in this way.

Work-Fit can offer ergonomic solutions to worker knee pain

While orthotic insoles can be a helpful solution, they are not the only option. Work-Fit offers a range of services to help improve worker health. With the high potential expense of orthotic insoles for every employee, they may not be the most cost-effective solution. For employees whose workstations require repetitive motions, insoles might not be enough to address their knee pain. Workplace ergonomics can improve worker conditions and help prevent worker knee pain at the root cause.

Contact our team today for more information about our services and learn how to address worker knee pain with ergonomic solutions.