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Is at-home physical therapy an option for meniscus tears?

The meniscus is the cartilage in the knee that cushions the intersection of the shinbone and thighbone. Each knee has two of this type of cartilage. The meniscus can become torn, usually as a result of putting too much weight on the cartilage while it is moved or twisted.

When the meniscus is torn, it typically needs treatment to heal and won’t just heal all on its own. To learn more about meniscus tears and if at-home physical therapy is a good option for meniscus tears, keep reading the information below.

What are some of the common symptoms of meniscus tears?

  • Pain in the knee.
  • Swelling in the knee.
  • Limited range of motion.
  • Changes in gait.
  • Clicking knee joint.
  • Stiffness in the knee.

What are some common treatments for meniscus tears?

  • At-home physical therapy — At-home physical therapy is often a good option for those who have meniscus tears. Physical therapists can help build muscle strength to protect the meniscus and can improve the stiffness and pain you may be experiencing. They can also reduce some of the inflammation and if your pain has led to any changes in your gait, they can correct that too. What’s more, is that you don’t even have to go to PT in person to reap the benefits. Virtual or at-home physical therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy, especially for those who have meniscus tears.
  • RICE method — The RICE method (rest, ice, compression and elevation) can help alleviate some of the inflammation and pain associated with a meniscus tear. If you’ve torn the cartilage in your knee, you may benefit from giving it plenty of rest, using ice packs, wrapping it in a bandage and keeping it elevated above your heart.
  • Surgery — Surgery may be necessary in more extreme cases. It is typically recommended only after the knee doesn’t respond to more conservative treatments, like physical therapy and the RICE method. The most common surgical procedure for this type of injury is a knee arthroscopy, however, research has shown that knee arthroscopy is usually not substantially more effective than the more conservative treatments.

Why is at-home physical therapy a good option for a meniscus tear?

  • It can be just as effective as in-person PT — Research has shown that at-home physical therapy works just as well as in-person PT does. If you’ve torn your meniscus, it helps to know that you have some flexibility and a few different options to choose from. You can determine whether in-person treatment or at-home treatment works best for you and begin your treatment from there. You won’t have to discount at-home therapy, because it can be highly effective.
  • It is cost effective — At-home physical therapy for a meniscus tear is not only effective but cost effective too. Most insurances accept at-home physical therapy services, and it can sometimes even be less expensive than in-person services.
  • It saves time — At-home physical therapy can help you save money — and it can also help you save time. If you’re already short on time or are looking for a way to get your torn meniscus treated in the most efficient way possible, virtual PT may be for you. You won’t have to spend any extra time in the car on the way to the appointment. You also won’t need to wait at the office for your turn to see your physical therapist. It’s a smaller time commitment and can free up some extra room in your daily schedule.
  • It teaches you how to do self-rehab at home — Getting at-home physical therapy for your meniscus tear can be beneficial because it can teach you the exercises you can do from the convenience of your own home to help recover. Sure, in-person PT might provide machine-assisted exercises for your knee. But at-home PT teaches you how to rehab your knee with what you have at home.

Why choose Agile Virtual Physical Therapy for at-home physical therapy on your meniscus tear?

We understand that going to regular in-person physical therapy sessions can be a serious time commitment. When you consider the time it takes to drive to and from your sessions, the length of the sessions themselves, and other related factors, in-person PT can be tedious. Fortunately, getting the care you need doesn’t have to be. 

You may not feel up to going to in-person physical therapy after suffering a torn meniscus, or it may be hard to get to your appointments without putting yourself through significant pain. Virtual physical therapy is a time-efficient and effective treatment option for those who lead busy lives and are in need of treatment. Virtual PT can be done from the convenience of your own home. It requires nothing other than a stable internet connection and a device with a video camera. You’ll be able to meet with a qualified physical therapy professional who can lead you through each session. You can get the at-home treatment you need for your meniscus tear from a qualified professional. Don’t let your knee pain and discomfort keep you from your daily activities. Get started with your treatment today.

Agile Virtual Physical Therapy offers more than 400 licensed clinicians. We’re committed to providing effective PT care through our telehealth platform. At Agile Virtual PT, we provide services in 45 U.S. states and free virtual screenings

At Agile Virtual Physical Therapy, we have experienced professionals who are qualified to create a personalized plan with you containing at-home physical therapy exercises customized for your age and fitness level.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment to get started treating your meniscus injury.