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How does a virtual physical assessment work?

There are plenty of people out there who are living with nagging aches and pains. Even more people may have developed an injury at work or while playing a sport. You may have heard that virtual physical therapy can be very helpful for busy people who are in pain. Yet you may not be sure why your initial virtual physical therapy session is being called a physical assessment.

What is a virtual physical assessment?

Physical assessments or screenings are a commonly used tool of both in-person and virtual physical therapists. Why? This multistep process is designed to help your physical therapist:

  • Gather your past medical history.
  • Determine your current physical condition.
  • Establish an initial diagnosis.

What is involved in a typical virtual physical assessment?

There are several steps that a typical virtual physical screening process involves. Some of the steps you will likely go through include:

  1. Pre-assessment — There are typically several steps that your physical therapist may ask you to complete prior to your screening. You may be asked to fill out paperwork and verify your insurance provider before your assessment. In addition, you may be asked to verify your email address. You may even be provided with information about things you should do to prepare for your screening.

  1. Answering questions — Your virtual physical therapist is likely to ask you many questions throughout the screening process. Why? They want to gather as much information as possible about you, your symptoms and your medical history. However, you shouldn’t be the only one answering questions. You should also be asking questions of your physical therapist. These questions can help you improve your understanding of your condition, the assessment process and the treatments your physical therapist recommends.

  1. Physical examination — Your physical therapist can’t actually touch you during a virtual assessment. But that doesn’t mean they won’t physically examine you. Typically, virtual screenings involve your physical therapist asking you to move in specific ways. These movements can tell your physical therapist a lot, including:

  • How severe your pain is.
  • How mobile you are.
  • Which areas of your body are being affected by your injury or condition.

This information can help physical therapists establish an initial diagnosis for you. It can help them decide which treatment methods may be most effective, too.

  1. Treatment planning — Near the end of your screening, your clinician will likely take some time to talk about the treatment plan they recommend. Doing so gives you a heads-up about what you can expect in future sessions. It also gives you some background information you can use if you decide to seek a second opinion.

Agile Virtual PT offers free virtual screenings

Looking for a virtual physical assessment? Our clinicians at Agile Virtual Physical Therapy have you covered. We offer free virtual screenings that can help you begin treating a wide variety of issues, including:

Contact our team today for more information about our free screenings or to schedule your free screening.