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How can virtual physical therapists help you achieve medical weight loss?

Medical Weight Loss

After looking at the title of this post, you may be thinking, “I’m all for achieving weight loss, but what does the medical part have to do with anything?” That’s not surprising, since medical weight loss isn’t a term many people hear a lot.

Medical weight loss doesn’t typically involve procedures like liposuction like some people might expect. It’s a term that refers to weight loss that is achieved with the help of medical professionals. Medical weight loss programs are also science based, and they’re designed to help people target the underlying causes of weight gain. They also work to help people maintain weight loss in the long term. This goal alone is one that 23% of adults are working to achieve annually. There are several ways that virtual physical therapists can help people achieve success in a medical weight loss program.

3 ways virtual physical therapists can help you achieve success in a medical weight loss program

You may need to rely on multiple medical professionals to help you achieve success in a medical weight loss program. Virtual physical therapists may be one of these professionals. The reason? They can take specific steps to help improve your chances of success, such as:

1. Helping to build you a custom workout plan — Virtual physical therapists are experts in movement. That includes the many exercises that can help stretch and strengthen your body and help you lose weight. Your physical therapist can work with you and other health care pros to determine which exercises can help you meet your goals. They can then combine them into a coherent and easy-to-use exercise plan.

 2. Addressing movement restrictions — Do your knees feel tight when you bend them? Do you have trouble lifting your arms over your head? These are both examples of common movement restrictions. Unfortunately, restrictions like these can hamper your ability to lose weight. Virtual physical therapists can help, though. They can identify the movement restrictions you have and determine their root cause. Then, they can bring stretches and other PT techniques to bear on the restricted area with the goal of improving your ability to move.

 3. Treating pain you develop — Doing an exercise wrong or lifting too much weight can cause a painful soft tissue injury. Even worse, the pain may not stop right away, which could make it harder to stick to your weight loss plan. Virtual physical therapists can step in to help treat your injury and pain. They can help you find ways to modify the activities and exercises you do. This can help keep you moving toward your weight loss goal while reducing the chances of increasing your pain while you heal.

Agile Virtual PT can help you achieve success in your medical weight loss program

Seeking help achieving success in a medical weight loss program? Agile Virtual PT has a team of clinicians who can help you. We offer free virtual screenings that can diagnose issues like movement restrictions and soft tissue injuries. Additionally, our certified clinicians are committed to build you a plan that’s unique to your needs and goals.

Contact our team today for more information about how we can assist people with medical weight loss or to schedule an initial appointment