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Four steps to expect in your initial virtual wellness session


Virtual physical therapy usage has definitely been growing over the past few years. Why? It can help people save time. It’s generally effective, and those are just a couple of its perks. The high upside of telehealth services like virtual PT is one reason why 46% of patients are now using it to replace canceled in-person medical visits.   

One way that you can put virtual physical therapists to good use is by having regular virtual wellness sessions with them. However, you may want to know what to expect from your initial virtual wellness session before it occurs. 

Four steps your physical therapist may take in your initial virtual wellness session

If you have had a virtual physical therapy session, a virtual wellness session is similar in many ways. For instance, you’ll meet with your physical therapist on a secure online video feed. Some of the steps your physical therapist may take in your initial session are: 

  1. Asking you questions — Understanding as much as possible about your current health and wellness is vital. This knowledge provides a solid foundation for you and your virtual physical therapist to build on. That’s why your physical therapist will likely ask you lots of questions during your initial session. The questions may cover topics such as: 
  • Your past medical history. 
  • Any current health issues you have. 
  • Your normal daily activities. 
  1. Performing a virtual movement screening — The musculoskeletal system is designed to help you move. Your virtual physical therapist can tell a lot about your overall wellness by how you move. This is why they will typically take you through a virtual movement screening. Such screenings help your physical therapist see how your body is moving, which can help them pinpoint musculoskeletal issues. Often, movement screenings or an abbreviated version will be a part of future sessions, too. This allows your clinician to track the progress of your treatment. 
  1. Educating you — Your virtual physical therapist will want you to know what musculoskeletal problems are affecting your health; they’ll also make an effort to educate you about those problems. For many patients, greater knowledge about their problem equals a greater and more consistent effort to address it. And that high effort can be a huge boost to your physical therapy plan’s success. 
  1. Making a plan — Making a plan to improve or maintain your wellness is an essential part of virtual wellness sessions. This plan will be designed by your physical therapist, customized to fit your specific needs and goals. Often, personalized therapeutic exercise routines are a part of such plans. It may also include taking other specific steps to address poor posture, poor flexibility or muscle weakness. Your plan can also help support your immune system. 

Agile Virtual PT offers virtual wellness services

Want to find a virtual team that can help you improve or maintain your health and well-being? You’ll find just such a team at Agile Virtual Physical Therapy. We offer virtual services in 45 U.S. states that can help you with your musculoskeletal well-being, and our team includes more than 400 fully certified clinicians. 

Contact our team today for more information about our wellness services or to schedule an initial appointment with us.