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Can virtual physical therapy help me with running injury prevention?

Running Injury Prevention

There are a lot of ways that virtual physical therapy can help runners. It can help them treat injuries they develop from running. It can help them boost their strength, stability and flexibility. Virtual physical therapists can even help them with effective running injury prevention. 

Should you be worried about running injury prevention?

“That’s all well and good,” you might be thinking, “but do I really need to worry about running injury prevention?” A virtual physical therapist will most likely say yes to this question, and the reason for that is simple: Many runners develop an injury at some point. One Yale University study found that at least 50% of people who run regularly are injured every year. 

Three steps virtual physical therapists can take to help you with running injury prevention

Treating knee injuries and other running injuries is right up a virtual physical therapist’s alley. In addition, they can take significant steps toward helping you avoid a running injury in the first place. Some of the steps they can take include: 

  1. Doing a virtual gait assessment — A gait assessment is a simple procedure at its heart. During a virtual one, your physical therapist will watch how your entire lower body moves while you walk. Any issues with your walk can be amplified when you start running and trigger a running injury. Fortunately, your clinician can identify any gait issues you have before they can cause a problem. 
  1. Examining your running gear — Running clothes and shoes may be the only running gear you use. But, you may also use ankle braces, knee braces or other gear while you run. A virtual physical therapist can help you determine if you actually need all the gear you’re currently using. They can also help ensure that you’re using your running gear properly. Even better, they can help you learn about the negative effects that worn-out or poorly fitting shoes and other gear can have on your running. 
  1. Creating a plan for you — There are often multiple things people need to do to increase their chances of running injury prevention. But it can be tough to address all these things. Your virtual physical therapist can help with that. They can take all the factors you need to consider and build you a personalized PT plan designed to address them. Also, your clinician can meet with you regularly to adjust your plan and check on your progress. 

Discover how Agile Virtual PT can help with running injury prevention

Need a virtual PT partner who can help you with running injury prevention? Our Agile Virtual Physical Therapy clinicians are ready and willing to be your partner. They have the experience and knowledge to build you a physical therapy plan intended to: 

  • Reduce running-related pain. 
  • Improve your strength, flexibility and running form. 
  • Decrease your risk of a running injury. 

You can even do a free virtual screening with one of our clinicians to get started. 

Contact our team today for more information about all the ways we can assist runners or to schedule your initial virtual appointment.