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Benefits of using telehealth for pediatric physical therapy

Benefits of using telehealth for pediatric physical therapy

Considering virtual physical therapy for your child? Virtual physical therapy providers can offer great benefits. Many offer programs designed around pediatric care. Physical therapy can play a crucial role in promoting optimal development for your child; it can also enhance their overall health. Children with various conditions including injuries and other health concerns can benefit. With the advent of telehealth appointments, pediatric physical therapy can be convenient and painless.

Reasons to use telehealth for pediatric physical therapy

There are many reasons a child might benefit from physical therapy. Even people without acute issues can improve their health with treatment plans focused on maintaining wellness. While there can be other reasons to use telehealth for pediatric physical therapy, below are some common reasons:


  • Sports injuries — Many children play sports. Participating in sports activities can be a great fun way to stay healthy. However, it can come with risks. Whether in a club or school setting, sports can lead to physical injuries. Virtual physical therapy can help address student-athlete injuries. With personalized virtual care, your child can recover more quickly and effectively. Physical therapy can also educate children on injury prevention techniques for the future.

  • Neuromuscular conditions — Neuromuscular conditions can affect people young and old. These conditions affect the periphery of the nervous system and range in severity. Conditions like muscular dystrophy can have a major impact on your child’s life. By improving motor function and coordination, physical therapy can help combat these issues. Virtual appointments can be especially helpful in this case, as they can avoid physical barriers to accessibility.

  • Orthopedic issues — The body of a child is still in development. During this time, orthopedic issues can arise. These are issues relating to joints and bones. Many pediatric orthopedic issues come as a result of injuries. For example, a child can suffer an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear. ACL tears can cause intense pain and limit mobility. With virtual physical therapy, you and your child can address these symptoms and work toward recovery.

Telehealth for pediatric physical therapy benefits

  • Familiar environment — Keeping your child comfortable can be important for the success of any treatment option. Telehealth for pediatric physical therapy allows your child to receive guidance in the comfort of home. This can help reduce any anxiety and keep them engaged. Clinicians can also incorporate activities using familiar items to make sessions more interactive for your child.

  • Enhanced safety — As a parent, your child’s safety is a top priority. In-person clinics can sometimes pose health risks as public spaces, especially for children with weakened immune systems. Telehealth can provide a safe option for pediatric physical therapy. With a virtual provider, you can limit exposure to potential infections and illnesses.

  • Parental involvement — Telehealth allows parents or caregivers to actively participate in therapy sessions. With sessions occurring virtually, you can engage with therapy sessions happening while you are away or at home. You can observe and learn therapy techniques, encouraging consistent practice from your child between sessions.

  • Convenient sessions — Traveling with a family can be tough. If your child is uncooperative or has difficulty moving on their own, getting to a therapy clinic can be a challenge. Telehealth sessions can eliminate the need to travel, making physical therapy much more convenient. You can also schedule sessions at times that work for your family. This can help reduce disruptions to your routine. Convenient remote sessions can make life easier for parents and children.

  • Effective communication — Communicating with children is not always easy. They can resist open discussion, making physical therapy progress difficult. Young children can also have difficulty explaining their health conditions. Part of this issue is a lack of intercommunication between clinicians, parents and children. When necessary, other health care professionals can be involved as well. Virtual platforms allow for easy collaboration between all parties. This can let you share quick updates with clinicians and coordinate plans. Effective communication can help ensure a successful, integrated approach to physical therapy.

Agile Virtual Physical Therapy offers pediatric telehealth services

You and your child deserve care that meets your needs. You also deserve care that won’t break your family’s bank. At Agile Virtual Physical Therapy, we offer quality care at a reasonable cost. As the largest telehealt platform in the country, we are a top choice for families nationwide. Our innovative approach is designed to cater to patients of all ages and backgrounds. Telehealth pediatric physical therapy can have many benefits. You and your child can reap these benefits with the help of our team of licensed clinicians. A free screening can help us provide recommendations for care. Our team can help develop a results-oriented plan of care for your child.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.