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5 ways virtual PT is bringing normalcy back to people with chronic conditions

Physical therapy can be a great resource for patients who have suffered injury or who deal with chronic conditions limiting their everyday activities. Physical therapy can be useful for those in need of surgery preparation, surgery and injury recovery, and chronic symptom management. It can benefit everyone, regardless of whether there are existing injuries. 

However, access to physical therapy sessions can be difficult for some for a number of reasons. This is especially so for chronic condition sufferers. People who deal with chronic disease on a daily basis may face several unique sets of challenges. These can complicate regular daily activities. It can also make visiting a physical therapist difficult. 

For people who may have barriers to completing their everyday tasks due to chronic conditions, getting help managing their conditions may also be hard to achieve with normalcy. Not having access to the right health care can make immobility even worse. It can cause a negative cyclical impact on a person’s quality of life. 

To learn more about the types of challenges that chronic condition sufferers deal with and how virtual physical therapy can make life easier if you’re someone dealing with this, keep reading.

What are some challenges that chronic condition sufferers face?

  • Limited transportation ability — One of the main challenges that chronic condition sufferers face is the limited ability to travel. This includes a reduced ability to use reliable transportation. Limited mobility and transportation can be extremely frustrating. It can make getting medication, physical therapy, and other treatment exceedingly difficult to obtain with normalcy.
  • Limited physical mobilityA chronic condition makes it harder to travel from location to location for appointments and to get medication. It can also make moving your body around harder, too. Many people who have diseases with symptoms that recur over long periods of time may feel pain or discomfort. This can happen during seemingly simple tasks like walking or standing up. It makes everyday activities more arduous to complete and can take away normalcy.
  • Cost — Regular in-person therapy can present financial burdens for some patients. Not everyone can easily afford the cost of regular sessions to manage their symptoms at a clinic. It’s also important to note that not everybody has insurance that can cover the costs. Virtual PT can sometimes be more affordable for many people.
  • Emotional toll — Many chronic condition sufferers report experiencing a large emotional toll on their conditions. If their condition limits their physical mobility or interferes with their normalcy, it may be a source of significant distress.

What are some ways that virtual physical therapy can help bring normalcy back to someone’s life?

  • Increased independence — Virtual physical therapy is great for increasing independence at home. It can provide you with the skills and tools you need to be able to manage your chronic condition symptoms at home with some normalcy. And anywhere else you may go, for that matter. It can help improve mobility even in the most severe situations where you may not yet be able to leave your house for treatment. 
  • Time efficiency — Seeing a physical therapist at home can be a big time saver. You don’t have to worry about transportation or  in-office wait times. Virtual appointments are straightforward and eliminate unnecessary periods spent traveling or waiting to be seen.
  • Cost-effectiveness — Virtual physical therapy can sometimes be more cost-effective for patients. It’s usually covered by insurance, and in those cases where it isn’t, it may generally still be considered more affordable than in-person.
  • Easier communication with your physical therapist — If you experience difficulty getting to your physical therapist’s office, communication with your physical therapist may also lack as a result. Virtual physical therapy can be a great way to regularly see a therapist from the convenience of your own home and to keep a regular line of communication open.
  • Decreased emotional stress — For those who experience emotional distress as a result of a new or increased lack of mobility, consulting with a virtual physical therapist can sometimes be a source of emotional relief and restore some normalcy.

Why choose Agile Virtual Physical Therapy?

Agile Virtual Physical Therapy can offer more than 400 licensed clinicians. We’re committed to providing effective PT care through our telehealth platform. At Agile Virtual PT, we provide services in 45 U.S. states and free virtual screenings. For more information including our many partnerships, read here

At Agile Virtual Physical Therapy, we have experienced professionals who are qualified to create a personalized plan with you containing at-home physical therapy exercises customized for your age and fitness level.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.