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5 Reasons You Need to Schedule a Virtual PT Appointment

woman doing virtual PT with her dog

Have you ever wondered what stretches and exercises you could perform at home to relieve pain and improve the way you move? Do you have difficulties making it to standard appointments due to a busy schedule, transportation issues, or safety? Virtual physical therapy (PT) may be the solution.

Virtual PT is a popular option that allows patients to see and talk with a physical therapist from the convenience and comfort of their own home. If you’re still on the fence about virtual PT, consider the following reasons to make the appointment:

1. Accessibility

Virtual PT is a great way to stay connected with a physical therapist. After all, if you don’t have to block off time to drive or travel to a clinic, making the scheduled appointments is much easier. Plus, virtual PT makes it easy to stay connected with your physical therapist, helping ensure you’ll follow up with suggested treatment plans. 

Virtual PT may also increase your ability to connect with a PT who specializes in treating people with the condition you’re suffering from, even though they may live nowhere near you. 

2. Improving home safety

If you have problems going up and down your home stairs, or are concerned about falling in your home, a virtual PT appointment is a great opportunity to discuss ways to improve the safety of your home and how you interact with it. Plus, you can actually show your PT the areas you’re concerned about. 

3. Success rates

Patients who partake in virtual physical therapy are more likely to stick to their prescribed programs. And sticking with a program prescribed by a licensed physical therapist is crucial to addressing your immediate need, while also contributing to your long-term health.

For Agile, 93% of patients saw a decrease in pain after their virtual PT care program.

4. Time savings

WIth virtual PT, there’s no drive in the car, no waiting room. After the virtual appointment, you can resume whatever you were doing in your home without having to spend additional time on the road. 

5. Transportation

As we’ve mentioned above, a virtual PT appointment eliminates the need to commute to and from a clinic. This can be a great benefit for everyone, but especially for parents with children at home, caregivers concerned about the physical demands of transporting those who may be vulnerable, and anyone who doesn’t have access to transportation. 

Who can participate in virtual PT?

People of all ages and a variety of symptoms are viable candidates for virtual PT. For example, a virtual appointment can benefit:

  • Weekend warriors
  • Women’s health
  • Office workers struggling with ergonomics
  • Recovering COVID-19 patients
  • Esports athletes
  • And many more!

Remember, all you need to schedule an appointment is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and an email address. Once you connect with a licensed physical therapist, they’ll provide more details. 

Connect today and reap the benefits of virtual PT!