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5 reasons to seek preventive physical therapy

Remote physical therapy

If you thought physical therapy is reserved for athletes, think again. The majority of physical therapy patients are middle-aged and older adults. No matter your age or activity level, you can benefit from preventive physical therapy. Whether you work in a physically demanding job or like to stay active in your free time, physical therapy sessions can play an important role in lowering your risk of injury. For example, one study found that regular physical therapy exercise can greatly reduce falls and fractures among older adults. 

Not only can physical therapy prevent injuries, but it can also help prevent illnesses and improve your overall well-being. That’s because consistent exercise can boost your circulation, joint mobility, strength and overall comfort. 

5 reasons to seek preventive physical therapy

Preventive physical therapy can help you maintain your health and prevent serious health complications down the road. Some long-term benefits of preventive physical therapy can include: 

  • Chronic illness and pain prevention. 
  • Sleep improvement. 
  • Medical weight control. 
  • Better balance.
  • Improved mood. 
  • Lower medical bills.

In addition to the above benefits, there are several major reasons why you should seek preventive physical therapy treatment today, including the following: 

1.Physical therapy can reduce your risk of injury.Physical therapists are equipped with a wealth of knowledge regarding your musculoskeletal system and healthy movement. As a result, they can introduce you to targeted exercises to help you strengthen your joints and improve your mobility. 

While many accidents and injuries can be out of your control, a stronger body can protect you from serious injuries related to falls, slips, trips and impact injuries. As a result, building your strength in physical therapy sessions can help you avoid injury-related surgeries and other invasive treatments.

2. Physical therapy can improve your biomechanics and posture. 

Many aches and pains you may feel during the day can be linked to poor posture, improper biomechanics, and a non-ergonomic working environment.

If you are constantly slouching at a desk or over your phone, you can be placing immense strain on your neck and back. Physical therapists can perform range-of-motion exercises to ease pain and stiffness. Improving your posture can improve your overall wellness, reducing headaches and increasing your energy levels.

In addition, poor alignment while lifting heavy objects can pull your muscles and cause injuries over time. To help prevent this, physical therapists can teach you proper techniques to help you ensure that you are moving your body safely while performing efficiently at work or anywhere else.

Sometimes, a non-ergonomic working environment can place unnecessary strain on your body. Ergonomic changes in your environment can therefore make a major difference. For example, an adjustable desk can help you work at a height that feels natural and comfortable for your wrists, hands, and eyes.

3. Physical therapists can customize your treatment to your body.

Every physical therapy patient has different needs, concerns, and goals for improvement. Physical therapists can work with you in one-on-one sessions in which they take your pain, stress, mobility and energy levels into consideration. As you continue your sessions, physical therapists can tailor a treatment plan to your strengths and weaknesses, designing a roster of exercises and stretches that can enhance your healthy habits at your own pace.

4. Physical therapy can relieve your tension.

You may think that muscle tension, tightness and pain is a byproduct of your daily routine. However, tension doesn’t have to be the norm. Physical therapy stretches can help improve blood flow to your muscles and relieve trapped tension that limits your mobility and flexibility on a daily basis. In addition, physical therapists can introduce you to proven relaxation techniques, like breathing exercises, to ease stress from your body and relax your muscles.

5. Physical therapists can provide care in the comfort of your home.  

You don’t have to travel to a physical therapy clinic in order to benefit from a preventive physical therapy program. Virtual physical therapy can give you access to licensed physical therapists from the comfort of your home. Physical therapists can lead you through exercises, answer your questions, and keep you motivated to follow a healthy exercise routine. 

Agile Virtual PT offers preventive physical therapy, conveniently online

Do you want to reap the benefits of preventive physical therapy but want to skip the hassle of commuting to a clinic? Our team of experts at Agile Virtual Physical Therapy can give you direct access to physical therapy through your computer or phone. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.