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        • Our most common conditions are Low Back Pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Ankle, Wrist, and Hip Pain.

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        • Incorporate PT into your routine to improve functionality and overall physical health.

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        • We provide a dedicated treatment program to positive COVID-19 patients.

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        • Agile integrates with organizations to deliver a premium, convenient virtual physical therapy experience.

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What is virtual health care?

What is virtual health care?

Virtual health care refers to virtual visits between patients and health care providers using audio and video technology. These sessions enable patients and their providers to see and hear one another, allowing them to discuss the condition as though in a clinic, and...
How does remote physical therapy work?

How does remote physical therapy work?

Do you have chronic pain or an injury you want to treat with physical therapy but you’re unable to visit a clinic in person? Even when there is not a viral pandemic plaguing the world, remote physical therapy has been an option for people who need physical therapy but...
9 Tips for Joint Health

9 Tips for Joint Health

Exercise is paramount to maintain and improve your joint health. But is there more you could be doing? If you suffer from arthritis, or are looking to get ahead of looming arthritic pain, the following tips could help keep your joints healthy and in top shape. ...